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Hardware Repair

PCS offers a full line of computer hardware repair services. PCS’s trained and manufactured certified technicians will diagnose and repair any problem that your system may experience. If your system has problems with memory (RAM), hard disk drive, power supply, system board (motherboard), network interface (NIC), serial communications ports (RS232), parallel printer ports (IEEE 1284), USB ports, firewire ports, or CD/DVD drives we have the parts and experience to troubleshoot and repair the problem. We service all makes and models and provide warranty service for HP business class systems.

PCS has the largest staff of full time field service technicians in the area to resolve your issues onsite at your place of business or systems can be dropped at our office in Ottumwa.

Feel free to call us at 641-682-4691 or 800-310-4727 to discuss your options.

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