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Why Choose PCS Internet Service

  • PCS is based in Ottumwa IA USA, You will NEVER talk to India or China.
  • PCS has NEVER had a price increase for Internet Services.
  • PCS offers FREE Internet phone support.
  • PCS Email includes SPAM and Virus filtering at no additional cost.
  • PCS offers unlimited email accounts.
  • PCS is local and if required we will send TRAINED and QUALIFIED technicians to your location.

History of PCS Internet Access Services

PCS began providing internet service in 1995 when the internet was relatively new for public use. At that time most people had never even heard of the internet. In 1995 almost all business’s and those residual user with access used dialup. Our first modem banks used 14.4K modem over analog phone lines followed shortly by 28.8K modems. Within a short time we upgraded to the New 56K modems with a digital connection between us and the phone companies. As the internet grew in 2000 PCS added the first high speed internet services to the Downtown Ottumwa area using a high speed wireless connections between PCS and other businesses. 2005 saw Qwest (now CenturyLink) upgraded their equipment allowing them and PCS to offer DSL using their existing phone lines. In 2006 PCS negotiated an exclusive lease agreement with Wapello Rural Water Association to utilize their tower locations to expand high speed services to the rural areas surrounding the Ottumwa Area.

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